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List of official aid collections for Ukraine



The war in Ukraine is a direct threat to the lives and well-being of 7.5 million children. In Ukraine alone, 3 million of them are in need of humanitarian help.

The number sof civilian and child casualties are growing. Since the beginning of the escalation of the conflict, 313 children have been killed and 471 have been injured (these are the figures officially confirmed by UNHCR as of 21 June, but the actual number is far higher).

According to WHO data, hospitals and medical facilities in Ukraine have been attacked at least 295 times.

A large part of water and education infrastructure has been destroyed. In many of the areas affected by the war, residents have no access to water, electricity or gas. The scale of poverty is increasing drastically.

Since 24 February, more than 5 million refugees from Ukraine have crossed the borders in search of refuge. 90% of them are women and children."

Since the beginning of the war, UNICEF has sent 206 trucks of humanitarian aid to Ukraine: medications, medical equipment, children's clothes, hygiene items, educational and recreational kits. It also provided 15 medical ambulances to ensure the safe transportation of children and their mothers to hospitals in larger cities. 63 mobile multidisciplinary teams have been established, reaching the youngest patients across Ukraine: nearly 300,000 children have benefited from educational interventions and nearly 340,000 have been educated. UNICEF also supports countries that host refugees (including Poland) by creating the “Blue Dots” - child and family support points that include play spaces for children and specialised support for those in need. A programme of financial support for families in need has also been developed - both in Ukraine and in refugee-hosting countries."

Polish Humanitarian Aid (PAH)


"Due to the rise tensions and the armed conflict in Ukraine being expected to escalate, we are launching a fund raise to provide food and hygiene items to the people most threatened by war in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The donated one-off aid should suffice for 3 winter months.

The war in eastern part of Ukraine has never ended and has been waged without interruption since 2014, but the coming weeks could prove critical for the 5 million people living along the 420km-long front line. Nearly 3 million of them are in need of humanitarian help. A large proportion of these are ailing, elderly single women who have been either unwilling or unable to leave their homes. Children and adults who were the victims of landmines are also in particular need of support. (...)

Eastern Ukraine is one of the poorest regions in the country, says Helena Krajewska of PAH. - Residents live on very low pensions that very often do not allow them to get meet basic food needs, medicines or medical visits.

PAH has been present onsite since the beginning of the conflict. We are now focused on providing support if the conflict escalates, because the people we are helping will be in danger. It is likely that they will have no chance to either flee or stock up on food. Let's help them get through this most difficult time!"

The Polish Red Cross (PCK)


"The funds raised will be used mainly to purchase food, clothes and secure other priority needs.

In 2014 the Polish Red Cross heled Ukraine in relation to humanitarian catastrophe related to military operations in the east of the country. Then, the funds raised through collection were used to purchase the most necessary goods. The process was coordinated by the Ukrainian Red Cross to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland, to pay for medical treatment for the wounded, and to organise summer holidays for children and young people for whom the events in eastern Ukraine were very traumatic."


"To ensure that the aid is as effective as possible, we are donating the funds raised to a Ukrainian humanitarian aid organisation. The people working there know best how to support Ukrainians in need.

Thanks to your support we have already bought, among other things, a fully-equipped ambulance (and we’re planning to purchase 3 more), 1,500 tactical first-aid kits that have been distributed in Ukraine, and we have supplied medications and medical supplies to the War Veterans Hospital of the Zhytomyr Oblast in Berdychiv. Meanwhile in Poland, a special hotline has been set up for people from Ukraine. Part of the funds from the collection have also been donated to organisations that operate at reception points."

Avalon Foundation


"We support Polish and Ukrainian organisations in obtaining orthopaedic and other equipment necessary for people with disabilities. We help to quip border crossings between Poland and Ukraine and reception points. We provide free rehabilitation at the Avalon Active Rehabilitation Centre. We organise transport for refugees with disabilities. We are addressing the current needs of organisations and institutions that support refugees with disabilities and chronic diseases. We help them to gather funds from charity.”

Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej Foundation (PCPM)


"In Poland, our aim is to support the education of children. We help their families, people with disabilities, the elderly. Thanks to contributions to Ukraine, we send humanitarian aid, and equipment to hospitals and we contribute to organising evacuations."

Global Compact Poland Foundation



Don’t let your hearts freeze - Ukraine still needs support! Our neighbours are currently facing the most difficult period since the outbreak of the war with Russia. Winter has kicked in and is already causing destruction not only on the battlefield, but also in the areas where people still remain in their homes.

Low temperatures, lack of electricity, damaged or destroyed windows and roofs are the current problems facing the people of Ukraine. Frost is yet another enemy in this war. The lack of electricity is also a huge problem, making it difficult to function and communicate across the country. This is a result of the recent Russian attacks targeting the energy infrastructure. In response to a request from representatives of the Bucha authorities seeking rescue in a crisis situation, the UN GCNP is responding and trying to find help."

The UN Global Compact Network Poland (UN GCNP) continues its relief efforts and announces a collection for the purchase of electricity generators and building materials to provide shelter to as many residents of the ruined town of Bucha as possible. Another goal is to renovate the city's key infrastructure buildings. The total value of the materials and equipment needed at the first stage is PLN 6 million.

The funds raised will be used to purchase 53 electricity generators of different power from 5 kW to 100 kW, at an estimated cost of around PLN 400,000-500,000; materials for roof reconstruction at an estimated value of around PLN 5.5 million."

Caritas Polska


"Caritas supports the victims of the war in Ukraine. We help people who have remained in the country attacked by Russia and refugees reaching Poland. Caritas Poland works in cooperation with diocesan Caritas and organisations in Ukraine - the Roman Catholic Caritas-SPES and the Greek Catholic Caritas Ukraine."

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