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Recruitment for studies at the Jagiellonian University – FAQ

1 March 2023 was the first day of recruitment for the 2023/2024 academic year for foreigners for studies offered in the Polish language, the School of Medicine in English, and for selected programmes conducted in foreign languages (in some cases recruitment already began on 9 February).

What is the structure of studies in Poland?

Polish higher education system consists of a three-tier structure of studies: first-cycle studies (Bachelor’s degree), second-cycle studies (Master’s degree) (or single-cycle Master’s studies in selected fields, e.g., medicine) run by universities. Third-cycle studies (doctoral programmes) may be offered not only by universities, but also by the Polish Academy of Sciences, research institutes or international academic institutes operating in Poland. It is also possible to enrol to postgraduate studies after having completed at least the Bachelor’s level. Studies are offered either as full-time and/or part-time programmes.

Bachelor’s level

Such programmes typically last 3-3.5 years and are aimed at applicants with a secondary school certificate. The studies end with obtaining bachelor's or engineer's degree, enabling the graduate to continue their education in a second-level programme. The degree obtained is the equivalent of Bachelor’s.

Master’s level

They last between 1.5-2 years and graduates obtain an equivalent of a Master’s degree or Master’s in Engineering degree. Graduates are eligible to enrol to doctoral studies.

Single-cycle Master’s level

These kinds of studies last 5-6 and graduates obtain an equivalent of a Doctor’s degree in Medicine or Veterinary Medicine.

Single-cycle Master's degrees are offered in the following fields: acting, conservation and restoration of works of art, canon law, medical-dental studies, law, medical analytics, medicine, cinematography and photography, pharmacy, psychology and veterinary medicine.

Third-cycle studies

Third-cycle studies last 3-4 years and culminate in a doctoral degree. Candidates who hold a Master's degree or equivalent (MD, DVM, MA, etc.) may be admitted to doctoral studies.

Do I have to speak Polish to study at the Jagiellonian University?

To study at the Jagiellonian University it is required to have at least B2 level of the language in which the studies are conducted. For most fields of study language proficiency is tested during an interview so a language certificate is not mandatory. However, certain fields of study require a certificate. Detailed information about language proficiency requirements can be found in the card of the selected studies in the IRK panel.

Where can I find a list of studies offered by the Jagiellonian University?

Information on all the courses offered and on entry requirements is available at: (in Polish) and (in English).

What documents can I provide to confirm my knowledge of Polish?

To enrol to the majority of the courses offered at the Jagiellonian University you need to pass an interview in Polish. If a language certificate is required, the following are honoured:

  • Polish Matura certificate
  • certificate of completion of a one-year preparatory course in Polish in units designated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (e.g., language schools). It may be e.g., a certificate of completion of a one-year preparatory course by scholarship holders of NAWA programmes;
  • official Polish language certificate;
  • certificate obtained after passing the examination at the Centre for Polish Language and Culture in the World of the Jagiellonian University
  • diploma of studies in Polish philology
  • diploma of studies conducted in Polish;
  • other document (e.g., a mark on a transcript confirming that the student has successfully completed at least B2 level in Polish language courses during their studies).

Can I study for free as a foreigner?

Obtaining an official Polish language certificate at level C1 allows you to enrol to full-time studies in Polish free of charge.

Is it possible to receive a scholarship to cover the cost of studies?

Information on scholarships for foreigners is available at: (in Polish) (in English)

Jak mogę uzyskać certyfikat z języka polskiego na poziomie uprawniającym do podjęcia bezpłatnych studiów?

Certificates are issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language. Language exams are conducted by authorised bodies, also outside Poland. Detailed information can be found at:

Since 2016, the Centre for Polish Language and Culture in the World of the Jagiellonian University has been offering a possibility of passing state certificate examination in Polish as a foreign language. There are examinations at different levels of proficiency in two age ranges: the adult group (you need to be at least 18 years old) and the children/adolescents’ group (14-17 years old). Examination sessions are held three times a year.

Information on the session schedule, levels available, registration and examination fees can be found at

Is it possible to get a dormitory room during the course of the studies?

The Jagiellonian University offers places in 5 dormitories and, additionally, on the campus of the Jagiellonian University Medical College for medical students. Information about the standard, fees, recruitment etc. is available at: (in Polish) (in English).

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