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Refugee status

The refugee status entitles the person concerned to obtain a card confirming his/her identity and legal residence in Poland. The card is valid for three years.

Ukrainian citizens who wish to apply for international protection to the Head of the Office for Foreigners shall submit the application to the appropriate Polish Border Guard body. This can be done when entering Poland during border control. It can also be done after crossing the border in a special facility in the country.

In order to apply for international protection, the person concerned should submit the relevant documents – identity and travel documents, and any suitable evidence that may confirm the applicant's current situation.

The form is completed in Polish based on the information obtained during the applicant's interview with an officer of the Border Guard. If there is a need, it is possible to benefit from the services of an interpreter.

While submitting the application, the person concerned will undergo an interview regarding his/her situation. Officials will take a photo of the person as well as his/her fingerprints (compulsory for persons over 14 years of age). Moreover, medical examinations and sanitary treatment will take place.

The acceptance of the application shall start the procedure of its processing. As a confirmation of this process, each adult receives a document – a temporary certificate that proves the identity of the person and entitles the person and children whose data was entered in the application to legally stay in Poland.

More information can be found on Office for Foreigners - Office for Foreigners - website (

If refugees from Ukraine would like to benefit from the special act on support for Ukrainian citizens, but have already submitted refugee status applications or declarations that they wish to submit such applications, they should withdraw the submitted documents.

More information (in Polish) can be found at Wniosek o status uchodźcy a ustawa o pomocy obywatelom Ukrainy (