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Aid groups on Facebook

Aid groups on Facebook

There are groups on Facebook which offer specific help

Groups for refugees from Ukraine

Aid groups for refugees from Ukraine have been set up to regularly address the specific problems of people who have arrived to Cracow and its surroundings. You can ask for help in finding accommodation, getting information on various forms of assistance and support for refugees.

The aim of the group is to facilitate communication in Cracow. Please post all important information concerning help of any kind (accommodation in Cracow, free transport services help with collecting donations).

An advertising group where you can obtain information about accommodation or offer your premises or services.

The group provides information on how to find accommodation advertisements and search for information about places where you can stay. It is also a forum for sharing up-to-date information about support provided to refugees.

A group aimed at people who are able to offer jobs, transport or accommodation to refugees.

A nationwide group where you can find information about accommodation in different areas of Poland, transport or collections organised for Ukrainians.

The group was created for people who were forced to flee and seek safe shelter outside Ukraine. You can find advertisements for lending/renting flats, rooms, houses all aroung Poland and various other forms of aid.


Sharing groups

Facebook also features groups where you can distribute or seek necessary items.

A “zero waste” group. It features advertisements for items that have been donated or are needed. Before joining the group, please read the rules, they are strictly enforced. Any kind of exchange or sale is prohibited.

The idea behind the group is to promote neighbourhood assistance and the “less waste” approach. The exchanges are made to make sure that nothing is wasted. It may be barter exchange, but the intention of each member of the group is primarily to share the goods they have instead of making profit.

The group aims to minimise food waste and features information about food donations.

The purpose of the group is to disseminate information about both material and non-material help that is currently needed. There are also different items offered (e.g. clothes, furniture, equipment, etc.).

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