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Internet Patient Account (IKP)

The IKP account enables access to basic medical documents, such as electronic prescriptions, referrals, possibility to choose a GP (family doctor) and to manage COVID-19 pandemic-related issues. The service is available to Ukrainian citizens who already have a PESEL number. Free app has been published by the Ministry of Health and can be accessed via the website. In the app you can quickly and securely check information regarding the health status of the account holder, their children or the person from who issued a relevant power of attorney to you.

To register an account, you need to already have set up the trusted profile. You should receive it together with your PESEL number. Go to website; on the left-hand side you will see a sign in Ukrainian: „Пацієнти з України”. Click on this sign and then you will be able to choose Ukrainian as the language of the website and to click on the „Довірений профіль” banner and choose Ukrainian again. You will need to provide your phone number or email at first login.

PLEASE NOTE: Information entered into the system by clinics, doctors, hospitals etc. is not translated and will be available in Polish.

Once you have set up your IKP account you will be able to receive electronic prescriptions and referrals via text messages or as PDF files to your email account.

Free mojeIKP app

mojeIKP is a free mobile app through that gives access to selected functions of the IKP account. It can be downloaded from Google Play for Android and from App Store for iOS devices.

Electronic referrals

In Poland most referrals are distributed electronically. Referrals are required to make an appointment with a specialist, to perform specialised tests, to receive vaccinations, and to have a hospital stay.

A referral to a specialist can be issued by your GP. Referrals are not needed for appointments with a:

  • psychiatrist
  • gynaecologist/obstetrician
  • oncologist
  • venereologist
  • dentist

You can receive electronic referrals in the form of a text message a with a four-digit code, an email with a PDF file attached, a message in the myIKP app or a printout from a doctor. The referral can also be issued during a virtual visit. Registrations for treatments or appointments can be made by telephone by quoting the referral number.

In the case of an appointment with a specialist, you can choose any outpatient clinic from among those with which the NFZ has a contract; there is no division into regions, you can choose the clinic where you wish to be treated, even if it is located in a different town. A referral entitles you to register with one specialist clinic only.

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